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Roku is a streaming device that gives a large number of free applications on your TV. On the off chance that we discuss Facebook, this is a most prominent application that is utilizing billions of individuals yet. Additionally, Facebook is just similar to a part of their life in the modern age. Since the age is on developing stage that is the purpose of demands are additionally on developing stage. Despite the fact that, individuals can utilize Facebook on their Smartphone, now they can utilize it on Roku. Additionally, on the off chance that you are utilizing Roku, you can appreciate Facebook on your huge TV screen. Besides, if you want to watch Facebook Photo Feed Videos and Photos on Roku, then you must add Facebook to Roku first.

Tips & Tricks to view your Facebook News Feed Videos and Photos

Appreciate videos and photos from the people in your life directly on your TV. View videos and photographs in the big screen from your Photo feed, profile, and companions.

The channel’s home screen gives you a chance to set choices or select one of four viewing choices:

My Photos:

  • Photos show up under the classes that consolidate Cover Photos, Profile Pictures, Timeline Photos and Mobile Uploads. Also exhibited are the accumulations you made on Facebook.
  • Missing are photos of you transferred by others, which are showing up in Facebook under “Photos of You” alternative.

 Friends Photos:

  • This class’ fundamental screen list your associates, so you will scrutinize companions’ photographs an individual companion, not as a gathering. On the off chance that you have an extensive measure of mates, you should check each one of them for new photographs.
  • It would be more effective if there was a class that included photographs from all colleagues by date. Be that as it may, this is an issue in theory just, as the channel records just four of our FB colleagues and no photographs under a half year show up.

In the event that you need to see companions’ photographs that are 6+ months old, you will see them organized equivalently to your own particular Facebook photo feed, under Mobile Uploads, Profile Pictures, Timeline Photos, and collection name.

Friends Video:

While Friends Photos class permits viewing of photographs just by companion name, your companions’ recordings are for the most part accessible here. Arranged under this week”, “seven days prior”, and “more established”. There are no contrasting options to sort or hidden Roku streaming channels by name.

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