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This article is helpful for those users who are not able to view the video from the Roku device on their TV. Also, here you can get further information related to Roku. Scroll down and read below.

What you should do when the video is not played from your Roku:

Roku screensaver mode. Here you can see the most common reason you may not see the video on your Roku TV.

  1. You choose incorrect input on your TV

  • This is common and easy mistake to make. Most televisions have several video input on the end of the TV that are utilized for connecting various devices like Roku player and cable boxes.
  • Furthermore, the way you switch input can be modified based on the brand of TV, however it normally accessible from a button on the TV’s remote control. If you can review the direction that became with your television, you must try the beneath guidance:
  • View for a key on your TV remote control that tells AUX, input, TV/Video, Source and more on. Hold this key. Based on your TV, Hold the key may cycle via accessible inputs, or it displays a menu with a variety of inputs.
  • Furthermore, if it cycles by the inputs- wait for few seconds between presses to permit the TV to detect the video.
  • Additionally, if the menu is displayed- utilize the arrow keys on the TV remote to select the right input and then hold the Enter or Select choose each input at once.
  • In both instances, if no video is catching on the input, then the TV will usually display a message like “No video” or “No signal detected”.
  1. The video is not attached correctly or the cable is faulty

  • Ensure that the video cable is securely attached to the end of your Roku com link setup and to the composite connector on the TV. Furthermore, if you hold a Roku streaming stick, then you have to verify that streaming stick is strongly attached to the HDMI connector on your TV.
  • Moreover, you can review to see if you have damaged cable by connecting your Roku player with several cables.
  1. There is issue with the Roku TV

  • Try to connecting your Roku player with different input on the TV to view if the problem is with the connector on the Roku TV.
  • Also, you can connect your Roku player to various TV’s to view the issue is with your Roku player or TV as well.
  1. If still, you are unable to see the video from your Roku on your TV, then detach and reconnect each cable along with power cable.

Hope you are satisfied with above details. If you have any query, you can take guidance from roku com link help. We are always here to help you.

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