Activate Roku Premiere

However, Roku Premiere has many channels to give you unlimited entertainment on your smart TV. Almost Roku players developed to connect with a smart TV with an HDMI cable. Similarly, the users can enjoy Roku player’s contents on their big screen. Further, if you want to set up a Roku TV by using your account, then you should follow the below guidance.

Steps to Activate and Setup Roku Premiere with TV:

  1. Identify the ports of Roku

The users should have knowledge about Roku Box ports section. So, you have to identify the given ports on Roku Premiere box. Usually, all Roku media players have an HDMI port on the back side of the streaming box. Well, identification of ports is necessary to connect Roku with smart TV.

  1. Find the connection ports on your smart TV

If you have got the Roku Premiere connecting points then next step is to check your smart TV has HDMI port or not. If you got HDMI Port on your TV then you are unable to connect the Roku player with Roku TV. In this situation, you need to update your old TV with a new one.

  1. Connect Roku to the TV with HDMI cable

The users need to unpack HDMI cable packing. Then you have to insert the first end of HDMI cable to Roku Premiere HDMI port. Likewise, the users have to connect HDMI second end with your big TV.

  1. Connect Roku to Internet

There are two options to provide internet to your device either Ethernet or wireless router connection. If you choose LAN, then it will give you the best streaming experience.

  1. Provide power to both devices

The users need to provide the power connection to their devices. Also, you need to insert the batteries into your Roku remote. Then turn on your Roku Premiere and choose correct input.

  1. Need to pair Roku remote with Roku Premiere

Similarly, the users need to check the Roku remote is working on your device. Then you have to select a language according to your country.

  1. Upgrade the latest software for new functions

You need to check out for new updates if your Roku Premiere has latest updates then update your Roku.

In the last step, you have to create a Roku com account. Further, a Roku account is necessary to access Roku services. So, link your Roku Premiere to your Roku account from your Smartphone, tablet and computer.

Hopefully, you have completed all steps correctly. Afterwards, you should visit your Roku channel store to add your favorite Roku channel contents. Now simply start watching several streaming categories such as Roku TV shows, Movies, Sports, Live TV, news. Ideally, if you need any information or help regarding other Roku player model like Roku express, Roku Ultra, Roku 4 and more, you need to contact us. The Roku experts always ready to give you help with Roku queries.

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