OS 8 Software

Are you waiting for the latest update of Roku device? Then your wait is over. Recently Roku released new device as well as a new operating system. Moreover, if you want to enjoy the current version of Roku OS 8, then you need to update the software and the firmware as well.

Let’s discuss the features of Roku OS 8.

Voice control

Roku TVs presently include the feature of voice controls to make it simple to turn inputs, tune to a local antenna broadcast channel, and originate a Roku channels and much more. Moreover, voice controls for Roku.com/link device can be utilized via heightened remotes with the microphone button or by the free Roku mobile app for your mobile devices such as Android and iOS.

Fast TV start

Permits a Roku TV to start immediately and originate a streaming or antenna TV channel in seconds just utilizing a voice command. To switch Fast TV Start on or off, move to Settings. Then under the settings, you need to choose System option and then pick Power option and sound on Fast TV Start to allow/disallow the trait at any time.

Private listening for the antenna TV

Roku TV users with an antenna attached to their TV can now utilize Roku private listening with headphones to listen audio for local antenna broadcast content either utilizing their mobile device through the Roku.com/link device app or the headphone jack on the Roku remote control on picked Roku TV models. This trait is also accessible for streaming.

TV everywhere

For those clients who are allowance TV subscribers, we now have single sign-on for a huge collection of TV everywhere streaming channels to exclude the requirement to log into TV everywhere channels multiple times. Currently, there are nearby 30 TV everywhere streaming channels.

Smart guide

This trait is accessible only for Roku TVs not for another device. Moreover, if are utilizing an HDTV antenna, then you have access to a detailed electronic program guide. Moreover, you need to just pick the aerial input of your Roku TV screen and Smart Guide will present past and forthcoming broadcast TV in a simple-to-use program guide. Also, the Smart Guide gives program information for 7 past days and 14 future days. Over time, Smart Guide will even recognize your beloved broadcast channels by installing your most observed channels at the head of the program guide.

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