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XFINITY Stream Beta Channel on Roku

Nowadays Roku becomes a most prominent streaming device for its features. Now Roku recently launches XFINITY app. Further, it enables you to access your XFINITY TV cable service, such as Live and On Demand programming as well as cloud DVR recordings, on a Roku streaming device or Roku TV. Get started to Activate Xfinity Roku by using code

Activate Xfinity Roku with Xfinity channel code

  1. Initially, launch the app and choose “Get started” to proceed further.
  2. Next, the activation code will display on your device Roku screen.
  3. Move to XFINITY official website from your tablet, mobile, desktop device web browser to continue the activation process.
  4. From the web browser, you need to enter the 6-digit code provided.
  5. Now enter your XFINITY account at details and then click on Sign in button.
  6. Further, the web browser will show a Success! The message, notifying you that your Roku device screen will update shortly.
  7. After performing the previous step, you will be presented with terms of activation. Click on Yes option to accept the terms and condition to move further. In case you choose No Thanks, you will be taken to the first step of the activation process.
  8. Afterward, you will be asked to name your device.

Once you performed activation steps of XFINITY app, you need to navigate it. If you do not have any idea how to navigate the XFINITY app, you must scroll down for further information:

If you have done with activation, the Main Menu will display. From the main, you can see the following alternatives:


With this option, the user can find their beloved TV shows, movies or channels.

Live TV

Here you can see TV listing for all your channels, watch live TV, set episodes and watch amazing Free Roku Channels and shows in a certain category such as Sports, Favorite channels, Movies or Kids. Also, you can filter Live TV by HD, closed captioning, Secondary Audio Program and Closed Captioning.

Choose option within Live TV to Find a channel, access Filter Preferences and Search. Selecting Search will take you to the main Search page, to find for a TV show, movie or channel.  


See the For You screen, videos, Scheduled Recordings, Favorites or Acquisitions. Also, you can remove the video by highlighting the TV show selecting Modify Movie Recording, followed by Delete Recording.


Here the user can browse Live TV On-demand shows, Sports Kids, Latino, Networks, and News.

  • Hold the “Instant Replay” key from your Roku remote will skip back 15 seconds during video playback of XFINITY on-request content.
  • Now hold the Left or Right directional keys, respectively, will rewind and fast forward video during playback of XFINITY on-demand content.


Here you can Access app settings such as Parental Controls, Language, Accessibility and Format options.

So, that’s all about Roku XFINITY app. Besides, if you want to get more updations about Roku’s latest app and free channels then you should visit our site at Roku com link Support. Our Roku experts team is available 24/7 to keep you update with Roku latest news or updations. Stay in touch with us.


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