About Roku and Steps to Activate Roku.com/link Account

Roku is a streaming media player that takes content from the internet and allows watching on TV without paying any cable package. The Roku came out in 2008 and was rebranded in October 2016, the updated version has more than 3000 channels. This is not enough here; if you are curious about the Roku device then Roku Com Link Help is the best place to know more about Roku.com/link activation & setup.

Well, like a Smartphone has many loaded apps similarly Roku has TV and movie streaming services such as Netflix, Sling TV, Hulu, Amazon, Now TV, Google Play Movies, HBO Go, Starz com, CNN, NBC com, FX Networks, Showtime Anytime, HGTV, YouTube etc. No longer, you need to depend on the cable companies if you have one of the best options to watch a wide range of television stations.


Roku was launched by an American Private Company, within short time period; it has earned a Pan presence among the users still a number of people are looking to know about setting up of this device. www.roku.com/link discloses its detailed information about all five differentiated models and makes the users familiar with Roku setup and activate with Roku activation code.

At Roku com link, as this device is best for the viewers who don’t want to purchase the video game console for digital content and want to watch video content on Television using the internet without any kind of interpretation.

www.Roku.com/link: Most Important Easy Roku Setup Guide

1. Type of connection: Audio/Video:

Connect the Roku streaming device to TV using HDMI Cable. HDMI supports both videos and audio signals. In case your TV is not supporting HDMI, choose either Component Cables or Composite Cables. Here its some Latest Roku Features are:

  • HDMI : 1080p High Definition
  • Component: 720 High Definition
  • Composite: Standard Definition

2. Networking Types:

The networking has two types of devices; you can choose the either one:

  1. Wired: Directly connect Roku device to router or modem by using Ethernet Cable
  2. Wireless: Get an appropriate wireless network also known as SSID and set its password. People using Shaw WiFi Modem can find network name on a sticker either side or top of the device.

3. Connect The Roku to Network:

•  Wired Connect: Fix the one point of HDMI cable in HDMI port of your television and another endpoint in the Roku Streaming Device. Then Plug in the adapter and switch on Roku device. Get a Roku Logo on the screen.

•  Wireless Connect: Following the guided setup, create a Roku.com/link account via copy down the unique code appeared on screen, browse Roku com link on your PC and enter the code. Now, you will create a new Roku com link account.

After creating your Roku account and personal password, you are ready to use the Roku streaming device. An additional information can be got at roku.com explore this.

4. Roku Software Installation and Updates Information:

However, when Roku Streaming Device connects to the internet connection, latest updates will install automatically. Additionally, the device will reboot and restart automatically. In order to get updated latest Roku software, follow the tips as:

  • Press the home button on Roku remote
  • Select Settings
  • Click on Systems
  • Choose System Update
  • Choose Check now to Manually Check
  • for Updates
  • Software Updates is done

5. Activate www Roku Com Link Account: Follow Easy Steps

roku com link activate

When you are beginning to activating process of Roku device, you need to open www.roku.com/link account on your PC, Smartphone to enter the Roku activation code shown on Roku TV screen. Once you get started, follow the Roku device step wise otherwise it will not be activated. Further, you will:

• Create an account on Roku com link to activate your www.roku.com/link or enter the Roku activation code in the existing Roku Account, make sure your password should be unique and strong.

• In case your roku.com/link not working or showing code on your Roku TV screen, then you need to apply for new Roku com link code.

• Go back to you Roku device, use your Roku remote and press the press the star button and then choose find a new my.roku.com/link code.

• Once the new Roku activation code is displayed on your screen, return to www.roku.com/link account and start the same process again for Roku activation.

• When you will be asked to enter the Channel, you can opt for the free as well as subscription of popular Roku channels from the Roku Channel Store.

• In order to get the paid Roku channel subscription, enter the valid methods

• Create a Roku Transaction Pin for an authorized transaction. You approve purchases in Google Play and set up a Roku box as well a use the PIN to add https://google.com/

• At last, you will get “Congratulation Message” displaying on Screen.

Now you are ready with your subscribed channels to use. For any additional information get Roku com Link Help.

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